Welcome to the new form for adding concerts and festivals to myconcerts.nu.

Start: Date and Time

Please supply the date and time when the concerts actually begins. The required format for the date is YYYY-MM-DD; you can use the SET-Button for convenience.

If you know that the admission to the concert or festival is limited to people who are at least several years old, please supply this minimum age.

To enter more details about the starting time, click on details.


If you want, you can specify the time when the doors will open.

If you want, you can specify how many minutes the concert will be.

If you know that there will be a interruption of at least 5 minutes, check the corresponding box.

Enter all other comments about the beginning of the concert in the supplied text field, preferrable in English

Location: Country, City, Venue

Please click through this sophisticated eight-level hierachical location menu. Some levels only appear if you can actually choose something.

If the venue is not yet in the list, choose the corresponding option. After submitting the first form you will get a chance to enter data about the venue on the second form.

If the venue exists and has several rooms, but the desired room is not yet in the list, you will get a chance to enter the missing room on the second form.


This form can be used for three different events:

1. A standalone concert
2. A concert that is part of a festival
This case is much similar to a standalone concert because you do not want to specify the festivals details rather that the concerts details. Please supply the festivals name for completeness.
3. A festival
A festival is a group of concerts that are organized by a festival staff, lasts often several days and has an extra homepage. In this case you must enter the festivals homepage 4 rows lower. The data in the next three rows can left blank if the festivals homepage supplies enough information.
Please check the appropriate radio button and supply the festivals name if it is not a standalone concert.


Specify the kind of the concert. You find a hundred proposals in the drop-down-menu, but write what you think describes the concert best in one or a few words. In the case of a festival you can give the festivals subheadline.


Click on the ADD-Button to choose one artist after another from our alphabetical list.

On the bottom of each letters list is a text field where you can enter artist or band names that are missing. On the next form you will get a chance to supply details about the artist or the band and optionally about its members.


Do not write too much here. Because the artists and time details are already specified in the rows above and all pricing stuff in the rows below, you should concentrate on the pieces that will be played or the idea behind the concert or the festival.

Webpage with details

If there exists a webpage that describes specific details about this concert, supply this.

In the case of a festival supply the festivals homepage here.


Enter the way to purchase tickets for the concert by supplying an URL. Here is also possible to specify email-, telephone-, fax- or sms-URLs.

On the next form you will get a chance to supply more of those URLs, but start with one for now.


Enter the price range for normal (i.e. no club member) adults.

Leave the field for the maximum price empty if there is only one price.

Check the 'free entrance' box if the concert is free.

Supply all other info about the prices in the supplied text field.

Your EMail

It is desired that you supply an email address. This has several reasons:

If you absolutely do not want to tell us your email address you can fake one. It must be the following: <current_year>@example.com where you kindly substitute <current_year> by the 4 digits that represent the current year. We assume that a robot is not able to do this, so we have at least a little check. Of course, in this case you miss the ability to enter more data later.

Submit concert data

If you are done, click on the SUBMIT-Button. The data will then be stored preliminary. On the next page you will get some more possibilities.

Thanks a lot for enlarging our concert database!